When you drink, don’t drive your car. Hire us

When you attend a party or an event, being responsible is one of the most important things that you have to be. One of the responsibilities you have is to take care of your alcohol consumption. However, some events will require you to drink. You can’t just say no because social expectations are very high on some occasions.

After you are done attending the party or event, there is a high probability that you may not be able to drive the car back home. The drive back home can be dangerous for multiple problems such as:

    • Bright lights can hinder driving during the night
    • Loss of concentration after attending long events
    • Chances of Traffic violations

The best way to attend parties and events is to hire a car driver in Hyderabad. You can avoid many hassles at once by simply hiring a car driver to attend the events.

But how do you know who to hire?

It’s easy to find a driver you can trust. Whether you’re planning

    • an evening
    • a party
    • a celebration

Or you live close enough to drive; there are some important considerations for hiring a driver. Here are the answers that would help you understand if hiring a driver is worth it.

What are the charges?

You don’t want to be stuck with a massive bill at the end of the night. Many service providers charge hefty fees from you.

With DServices, you get affordable prices when you hire a car driver for different party events to avoid driving when you don’t feel like it. When you behave responsibly and hire a driver, we do our bit by making affordable car driver services.

Is the driver insured?

It’s a good idea to ask to see the driver’s insurance certificate. Many services require drivers to have liability insurance coverage, but some don’t. If you’re planning a long night out, make sure the service you’re considering has insurance that covers passengers.

DServices ensures that all drivers have their insurance certificates and all the necessary documents with them. You don’t need to worry about any documents missing from the drivers’ part.

How much distance can the driver take you?

If you’re planning a long night out, you want to find a driver who can take you where you want to go. With DServices, you can choose the pick-up and drop, one way or both ways. All you have to do is book a driver as per your requirements.

What criteria do I need to meet?

If you are at a party or event and decide to have some alcohol, you must be above 21 years old to avail our services. It is fair to assume that you must be above the legal drinking age, and as a responsible citizen of the country, you are booking a cab to avoid the nuance of drinking and driving.

Will the driver pick me up?

If you’re planning a trip that requires more than one ride, ask the driver if they can take you both ways. If not, you’ll have to coordinate who picks up who.
DServices want you to have a journey and not worry about anything else while you go out and have fun.

Book a Car Driver and feel at ease with Car Driver Services by DServices.

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